Lieutenant General Sir Henry Leaske KCB, DSO, OBE:

"This book is for the healed as well as the healer. As one of the healed I can commend it to all those who are sufferers of the 'bad back'.

Alexander Walker-Naddell, a distinguished surgeon, has a remarkable record of successful treatment of the many afflictions which stem from injury of the spinal system.

Above all, he is able to reduce the whole business to simple terms which the layman can understand and thereby have confidence in the treatment."

The ultimate book for Back Pain sufferers & Medics

Bad back sufferers will be interested in this book written by back specialist, consultant orthopedic and neurosurgeon Alexander Walker-Naddell who treated people with back trouble and devised his own way of treating the slipped disc.

The Slipped Disc and the Aching Back of Man

describes an entirely non-surgical form of treatment. This book is not just for medical readers, but any back pain sufferer. Of particular interest is the section containing useful exercises that you can follow.

Author: Alexander Walker-Naddell

Editor: Annie E. Livesey

Publisher: J. R. Reid

ISBN: 0948785004